My name is Benedikt Lehnert (but everybody calls me Ben). I’m a designer, executive, and angel investor living in Princeton, New Jersey.

I focus my energy on creating useful products people love and leading the world-class teams that make them. I mentor and teach to equip the next generation of leaders with the necessary optimism and creative courage to tackle the paradigm shifts ahead.

I write a newsletter called “To whom it may inspire” where I cover topics at the intersection of business and poetry.

Since 2022, I’m the Chief Design Officer at Stark, an industry-changing startup on the mission to make the world’s software accessible for everyone.
As an Entrepreneurship & Design Fellow, I teach aspiring entrepreneurs at the Keller Center at Princeton University.

I love pour-over coffee, handmade things, the sound of water, and photography in black and white. I enjoy spending my spare time with my family, reading, doing yoga and walking.

If you want to talk shop or have a question you think I could help you answer, subscribe to my newsletter and connect with me on Linkedin, drop me a line or let’s meet for a coffee.